We hope you’re here for the same reason we’re here at DNA Design Associates: because we care about and crave great interior design. We don’t mean design that simply looks pretty, or design that has the top architectural photographers swooning.

Great design does that, but it does so much more too. Great design is about cultivating client relationships where creativity can flourish. It’s about listening to and collaborating with clients to understand their needs and their objectives, and then coming up with design solutions which are unique and meaningful and hit their expectations every time. It’s about striving and not settling. It’s about upping the artistic ante. It’s about creating something that packs an emotional wallop, but it’s a wallop backed with empirical knowledge, solid engineering and detailed execution. It’s less about big talk and more about big ideas – ideas that resonate within the hearts and minds of our clients and their constituents.

Above all, great design is great fun: it’s fun to create, it’s fun to experience and it’s fun to see the reaction of our clients when their project succeeds beyond their expectations. Read More…

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Have you ever seen a DNA project? If you’re not sure, that’s okay. In fact we take that as a compliment. Because every project we work on isn’t a DNA project. It’s your project. It’s your objectives met, your wishes fulfilled and your goals achieved.

When you work in a field as exciting as ours, it’s easy to get caught up in creating beautiful interiors. But our first job is to understand you, your business and your needs and then to translate that into solid design that works for you. We know you’re measured by results. We want you to know that DNA Associates can deliver them.
We come to the table with vision, with execution and with design that will stir your very soul.

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Eben Saayman

Eben Saayman
Group Managing Director
+27 64 526 4308

Andries Blaauw

Andries Blaauw
Commercial Projects Director
+27 76 595 5605

Lorraine du Preez

Lorraine Du Preez
Financial & Procurement Director
+27 82 555 2771

David Nowitz

David Nowitz
Managing Director Australia
+61 42 423 9230

Nadeema Chothia

Nadeema Chothia
Marketing & Sales Director SA & Australia
+27 83 305 5354

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