Client Testimonials

Who are our clients? They’re entrepreneurs. They’re the top national retail groups. They’re as complex as Nanotechnology Lab and as historic as The Bank of China. They’re organisations from Cape Town, Luanda and Dar es Salaam to Nairobi, Abuja and Accra, with hundreds of places in between. But above all they’re organisations that believe in doing it right. They believe in timelessness over trendiness. They believe in the power of a good idea. They believe in us and we absolutely believe in them. And we all believe that’s how great projects get accomplished.

Being one of the oldest interior design firms is a neat anecdote. But we’re proudest of the histories we have with our clients, many of which are measured in centuries.

Becoming lifelong partners with our clients is vitally important to us. So how exactly do we keep our clients satisfied? You ask questions. You listen. You don’t settle for the easy solution. You exceed today’s needs, you anticipate and adapt for tomorrow’s.

Client relationships are, well, like relationships. And like the more personal kind, they grow and mature over time. We believe in our clients and ourselves. Together we build a mutual understanding and trust and we develop a working style that capitalizes on everyone’s strengths. This can create a pretty exciting synergy, which results in some very exciting work. So it’s doubly rewarding that our clients come back to us for a second project. And then a third and fourth.

Some of these include:

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... And therefore feel confident in recommending your specialized services which proved to be thorough to any organisation that might be in need of your offering.

... Based on the above-mentioned we would like to recommend DNA for any future corporate contracts or tenders of this nature.

... Well done to all the DNA staff involved on this immense achievement, from the design team to the quantity surveyor to the project manager to the hands on approach by Eben himself as they clearly operate as a unity.

...DNA understood the urgency and time frames of OLG and delivered a quality product ... There was always an open line of communication between OLG and DNA ... We have experienced overall satisfaction and would recommend DNA to any other institution looking for a turn-key interior...

Some of our satisfied customers and projects include:

  • ABB Powertech (Head Office)
  • African Rainbow Minerals
  • Dainfern Golf Estate (Business Center)
  • Harmony Gold (Head Office)
  • LG Seta (Head Office)
  • MBT Private Wealth Management
  • New Zealand Natural
  • Robert Walters International
  • Samsung (Head Office)
  • Sovereign Trust International (Head Office)
  • Standard Bank (Head Office)
  • Virgin Mobile
  • Web Systems Solutions Consulting (Head Office)